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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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distribution] lap >> from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: donald trump and his family are receiving threats, a suspicious letter sent to donald's sun containing a white powder threatening to harm his family. ben: after being struck by lightning or jet lands at jfk. juliet: no thank you. a heiskell pep rally takes a terrible term after a fire breather catches fire. ben: it is friday morning, march 18th. i am been simoneau.
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juliet: i am juliet huddy. that getup looks really nice. >> meteorologist: i like it on fridays in particular. ben: you are the professor on friday. juliet: patches on your sleeve. >> meteorologist: i thought about it. that was an option, make these things. what are you laughing at? that is too far. let's show you what is going on, nice day yesterday, showers out there but warm temperatures as well. here is what we got 2, 63 at central park, 61 in islip, 59 in montauk, 55 in monticello, pretty warm day yesterday, today
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now, 50 at central park, 45 in monticello, rain is not an issue, rains generally from the west southwest, more clouds to the north, less to the south, looks like an okay day, cool air the stage for interesting weather coming in for the first day of spring sunday into monday, a little threatening but not a huge threat, showers coming at us, high-temperature 59 later today and tomorrow a high of 45, 34 sunday, looks like it will be cold enough to call this mostly snow sunday and monday but looks like the snow totals may or may not be impressive but we will give you
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christina is in for ines. christina: not much going on. here is an overview of the area, staten island expressway not looking bad if you are traveling on the parkway. right now things are running up to speed and it will be pretty nice on the garden state parkway. everything right now running up to speed. let's go outside and show you fdr drive, new jersey turnpike looking pretty good, the next live shot will be the new jersey turnpike near the airport where things are looking good for you in both directions to the eastern and western spur. as you approach the lincoln tunnel not much going on.
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alternate side in effect today. ben: the race for president taking a nasty turn but some would say it took a nasty turn twee 10 months ago. there are reports of a letter containing white powder sent to the manhattan home of donald trump's sun. christina: juliet: it had a massachusetts postmark addressed to eric trump on central park south. it implied donald trump's children would be hurt if he didn't withdraw from the presidential race. eric's wife opened the envelope and white powder fell out. police, the fbi, all came to the scene just after 7:00 pm to investigate. no word what the powder was. they are investigating that. no one was hurt but this is a big concern. ben: the hacker group anonymous claims it has posted donald trump's social security number
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showing a masked figure on youtube, he said his ambitions on the white house in order to promote an agenda of fascism and the no phobia. >> we have attached a gift of sorts, donald trump's social security number, cell phone and other ideas that might assist you in in depending dictating -- investigating this would be dictator. do with them what you will bearing in mind -- ben: this is days after anonymous promised a total war on trump. no word from him yet. juliet: american airlines flight from raleigh, durham, north carolina, forced to make an emergency landing at jfk, it was
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flight 4243 was hit at 6:00 pm, passengers described a flash of light and they say they heard a huge explosion before the plane dropped 200 feet. here is audio from the pilot and control tower describing what happened. >> got hit by lightning. >> that was pretty bad. juliet: i heard one of the passengers say he thought it was over, they were done. carrying 55 passengers, four crewmembers, landed safely, no injuries were reported, some major heart fluttering. the faa is investigating. ben: a 15-year-old student brought a loaded gun to school to jamaica, queens. officials found the gun in his bag after a fellow student turned him and. the teenager is facing charges
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and 11-year-old boy brought his loaded gun to jamaica, the grandfather was arrested, the boy was not charged. juliet: testing for levels of lead is underway in the work. ben: in the public school drinking water in half of public schools. thousands of children will be tested. teresa pre-also has reaction to what is going on. >> registration forms are stacked, needles are ready, smiley stickers await. parents and children of newark public schools. the voluntary testing continues of students who may have been exposed to toxic levels of lead in the water at school. >> you heard something, not good. >> reporter: 17,000 students are eligible for the blood testing. those most susceptible to contamination.
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routine testing showed unusually high lead levels in half of the district schools. some children have gotten sick with lead poisoning but it came from the water at school. >> they should be checking on that. >> reporter: newark officials released a trove of data dating back to 2012. and above the federal lead levels. a districtwide memo sent in 2014 telling custodians to flush the fountains and thinks for 30 32nd the day but the epa recommends that process be about 10 minutes. this shows lead in newark has been a concern for years. the mayor released a statement saying in part it is obvious the state-controlled newark public schools have known about the
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we don't believe they deliberately hid the problem but we think it was a poor decision not to inform the public. ben: more on that throughout the morning. really is appalling. they knew about this going back years and it was not taken care of. juliet: other people are concerned about other buildings in the city. ben: a lot of concerns. 50 confirmed cases of the zika virus in new york state and in each case the person who contracted the disease did so when traveling in tropical locations. heather: as we get close to mosquito season, governor cuomo is making plans to stop this virus from spreading. >> reporter: we had 49 cases so far in the state of new york. we expect the number to go up.
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>> reporter: of the 50 zika cases in new york 53 are in the -- 23 are in the city. one case may have been sexually transmitted. the state prepares for a summer which may open the doors to the mosquito borne virus that has been spreading through central and south america. >> the main danger is a birth defect called microcephaly in the fetus hes of women when they are pregnant. there can be a rare disorder which can cause temporary paralysis or death. >> can i show you? >> reporter: using mosquito traps as a segue into the 6 point plan, they will target mosquito greeting plans and straps laid throughout high risk areas. of a trap test positive the surrounding area will be sprayed. key concerns are birth defects zika causes and unknowns about
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by one estimate, 20% of puerto rico may be affected by zika by the end of the year. temperatures and a mosquito season just around the corner. ben: north korea has fired two ballistic missiles. the south korean military says one went 500 miles before hitting the sea. a us defense official says both are believed to be medium-range missiles. it would mark the first time north korea tested such a rocket. the launch comes as the us and south korea conduct military training drills, the largest ever in response to the nuclear test in january. of a 15 dramatic and painful accident caught on camera. ricky charles was performing a firebreathing trick at a pep
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himself on fire. people quickly ran to his aid. he was rushed to the hospital and treated with for first-degree burns. others were treated for inhaling dust from a fire extinguisher. still ahead on "good day early call" temperatures in the 50s going downhill from there. ben: this weekend looks awful. juliet: talk of snow this weekend looks likely. ben: where was this snow when we needed it in december? juliet: you made a poor bet.
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the st. patrick's day parade. >> meteorologist: welcome back, almost there, but old man winter wants to hang in a little longer. two more days at 12:30 in the morning. sunday morning, the 20th, we flipped over to spring. we only had one monster storm and a few small ones. 50 at central park with mainly clear sky, winds from the west at 14 miles an hour. new jersey 39 , pinebrook 43 ,
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cloudy sky, 50 . more clouds to the north and clear skies to the south, there is a push of cool air nosing into the tri-state region. yesterday, looks like it could kick up some showers as the cold front drops into the area. today the threat is minimal, most of those showers to the north of the city, not much firing up, and isolated shower here and there. cooler air coming into town. through saturday you are fine but sunday looks interesting. an area of low pressure, the forecast models are coming into agreement that it will be coming together more to the south but it will bring some snow during the day sunday but it doesn't look as impressive but as we go forward into sunday it will bring us primarily snow with some mixing going on on the coast and minor accumulation. it is pretty late in the season.
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officially sunday but there are snow chances out there over the weekend. today, rain if anything, isolated shower could pop through, high temperature 59 . there is that rain/snow chance sunday into monday, minor accumulation three inches at most. daily and hourly forecasts at the google play store, check it out. put the radar to work. christina, what is going on early on friday morning? christina: pretty quiet so far. everything is running along okay, things looking good, on the southern state, meadowbrook everything looking okay. in the area of the bridge, 84
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up to speed in both directions. let's go outside to the staten island expressway. things in both directions moving well. in the middle of that 30 minute traffic hold, closer to the bridge things are stopped up until they lift that hold, the george washington bridge, this is going inbound, hardly any traffic, lincoln and holland running up to speed. trains are on schedule. ben: thousands on fifth avenue yesterday, the colors of the rainbow were represented in what was manhattan first all-inclusive st. patrick's day parade.
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bagpipe bands among the 200,000 marchers on a beautiful afternoon. it got cloudy later. first time ever organizers allowed members of the irish lgbt community to march under their own banner. >> 25 years we have been denied that. this year the parade extended a welcome to us, we are grateful for that. >> first time as an adult i get to march representing the totality of who i am. ben: buildable audio marched in the parade after boycotting the event. juliet: let's talk to curtis sliwa of "the curtis and kuby show". he has another show we don't talk about. what did you think of the st. patrick's day parade? did you participate? >> no. the national sport at 3:30 in the afternoon was being
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who should have been in school, projectile vomiting in the street. juliet: you didn't see any of that. >> yes i did. around madison square garden, irish gin mills, youngsters were bending their elbow. i said to the bartender they have to be 21. he says stop making a big thing about it. i will report you all to the state authority. juliet: just leave them alone. ben: let's talk about donald trump. quite a bit under fire. anonymous posting his social security number, his cell phone number and eric trump who lives on central park south got a letter with some kind of white powder. at the end of the day the white powder is probably nothing but you can't take these things after those anthrax attacks too
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>> ratchet it up, what did i say? my biggest fear is someone will try to execute him and assassinate him. because tensions are so high. it is not even a political ideologue who hates trump. just someone who obsesses like travis bickel in taxi driver. pictures of donald trump were family members and stock them. all the way from milwaukee. nothing wrong with his politics, just obsessed, shot him five dimes, as you know turned wallace into a paraplegic. juliet: if i were one of these kids, they are out there successful on their own, doing their jobs, and they have to deal with this. >> how many times a day, we are not told by the secret service, serious threats are made against whoever is the president of the
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they are the most dangerous. they don't have friends or contacts, just totally obsessed in their own little world of trying to harm somebody so they can get attention and recognition. juliet: what do you think of the whole paul ryan thing, paul ryan being thrown out to shake things up within the gop. >> a lot of people with nice jobs, republican national committee, don't want to give them up, if donald trump were to come in, that leadership is out the door. they will try to create the notion of a third-party candidate. that would not be paul ryan. juliet: why not? >> they are even creating that notion. they met yesterday to discuss a third party.
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interests of the republican party and winning against hillary clinton but stopping donald trump. they have to stop in their tracks and think really? four years of a legacy, i am all clintoned out. juliet: go away. ben: have a visceral weekend. >> march came in like a lamb and will go out like a lion. ben: don't want to hear more of that nonsense. curtis is a lamb on 770 wabc. juliet: the drive at 5. ben: it is pretty serious if juliet: the ncaa tournament
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into the afternoon, breezy and cold, temperatures near freezing which is why it is not all snow but it will fit grassy surfaces and rooftops and there will be periods of snow sunday night and a few inches possible, two to three inches of snow, be ready for it. nice mild start, we end up at 59 this afternoon. ben: getting hassled because we haven't paid our debts yet. juliet: didn't try hard enough. seton hall fresh off of their win. ben: this is an upset to the 11th ranked bulldogs 68-52. juliet: stony brook in its first ncaa tournament, beating the seawolves, iowa losing to iowa
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: i need my coffee. mix of sun and clouds but the weekend is what everyone is talking about. where did it go? juliet: you have one here. juliet: mike will tell us how much snow we will have. ben: getting several inches which is pretty unacceptable. juliet: it will go away quickly.


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